Giving the Special Needs Individual
a Chance to be Like Everyone Else

At Ohel Sarah we believe in the right of every child an adult with disabilities to lead fulfilling, meaningful lives. For close to five decades, we have been providing continuous services in the fields of education, employment, housing to children and adults with disabilities.  


Thursday night at home with the guys,
a guitar, and a steaming pot of cholent

Recess is awesome:) It’s my
favorite part of the day

Class is in session!
Take a look

Arts and crafts
in our new art room

Mmm…such yummy cookies:)
Want the recipe?

The best birthday ever! A surprise for
Shira at her apartment. Mazel Tov!

If you ever wanted to know what
a Snoezelen Room looks like, click here

It’s late!
Where is everybody?

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Partners in Success

Municipalities, foundations, businesses and establishments that, together with us, open hearts and doors to people with disabilities. 


With the guys
on Thursday night

Join the
playground fun!

don’t let the teacher see

Art is
my world

These cookies
are amazing

Shira’s surprise
birthday party

For those who want to
know what Snoezelen is

It’s late!
Where is everybody?

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