Our four schools cater to over 300 children and young adults with mild to moderate to
severe disabilities. The school curriculum is based on the Ministry of Education’s core
programs. Our professional staff creates a customized educational and medical
advancement program for each student, in full cooperation with the parents. The main goal
of the schools, aside from teaching academic knowledge such as reading, writing and math,
is to provide the students with the necessary life skills to lead meaningful, independent lives
in the community – each student in accordance with his/her abilities.


for girls with mild to moderate cognitive disabilities ages 6-21

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Beit Chanoch

for boys ages 6-14 with mild to moderate cognitive disabilities

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Beit Shai

for boys ages 14-21 with moderate cognitive disabilities

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The Wohl Center

for boys and girls ages 6-21 with moderate, severe and complex disabilities

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With the guys
on Thursday night

Join the
playground fun!

don’t let the teacher see

Art is
my world

These cookies
are amazing

Shira’s surprise
birthday party

For those who want to
know what Snoezelen is

It’s late!
Where is everybody?

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