Group Home for People with Disabilities

Many parents of people with special needs of all ages struggle to care for their child at home. Some have various medical issues that prevent them from providing their child with the support they need at home, while some are elderly and frail. Additionally, in instances which the parents are deceased, abusive or dysfunctional, their child has nowhere to turn. 

Ohel Sarah provides a solution to this unfortunate reality, and operates 38 groups homes in the community for children, teens, adults and married couples. Each group home houses 4-6 residents of the same age-group, gender and disabilities to create a harmonious and balanced atmosphere.

The group homes serve as the residents’ home for life, functioning around the clock and throughout the year. They live together as a family unit and the homes are situated within the community, thus promoting inclusion and equality.  

Each group home features a housemother who oversees the smooth running of the home, as well as counselors on hand to assist whenever needed, depending on the level of the residents’ independence. The home encourages the residents to practice and advance their life skills, and provides various enrichment activities, clubs and outings. Many group homes offer services to their neighbors, such as a lending library and children’s games and toys – enabling these special people to be at the giving end of society.   

Since Covid-19, the demand for more group homes has grown substantially. Ohel Sarah needs funds to open more homes, and, while the daily costs of the apartments are covered by the Welfare Ministry, we need an initial amount of 154,000 NIS / 48,300 USD for furniture and additional accessories, such as:

  • Bedroom furniture
  • Living room furniture
  • Electrical appliances
  • Leisure equipment 
  • Safety measures 

Supporting this project will provide people with special needs with a loving home and full inclusion in society. Dedication opportunities are available upon request.


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