Music Therapy Equipment

Gesharim Girls School

Gesharim is Ohel Sarah’s school for girls ages 6-21 with mild to moderate cognitive disabilities. It currently serves 110 girls and features a staff of leading professionals in the field of special education. We believe that individuals with disabilities deserve to be fully integrated into society and reach their maximum potential. To this end, the school creates individualized learning plans and provides a wide range of therapies, life skills and educational programs within a multi-dimensional learning experience to encourage growth. Gesharim is an exemplary school that has received the Award of Excellence from the Ministry of Education. 

Music therapy is imperative for children with special needs, many of whom have trouble expressing themselves through speech and need alternative methods of communication. Through playing instruments and music, they find a way to connect to their surroundings; it prevents them from the frustration that comes with the inability to express themselves. Music therapy sessions are conducted either one-on-one or in groups to maximize their benefits.

Additionally, through music therapy we are able to help our students gain confidence and develop important life skills. By allowing groups of girls to perform musical performances in the school, they gain life skills such as patience, teamwork, and delayed gratification.

Furthermore, music therapy is used for employment preparation purposes. In our new innovative program, 6 girls from the higher grades go to local kindergartens once a month where they are in charge of a musical activity. They prepare lesson plans with our in-house music therapist, and perform their very own musical drama compositions in the kindergarten as a means for future employment and maximal integration. 

These activities are imperative for the advancement of the girls and will have a lasting impact on their lives. To enable this, the project is in need of professional, adapted equipment which costs 15,606 GBP.  


Total Cost

Total Cost in GBP

Fruniture – closets and shelving for equipment



Sound system – speakers, microphones etc



Projector and screen



Small stage



Mutlimedia, mixer and headset



Hand drums – various sizes



Guitar + stand – 2



Standing lighting units – 8



Darkening curtains



Keyboard + stand + cover






Contributions will receive due recognition in a plaque in the music therapy room. 

Supporting this project will enable the girls at Gesharim to express themselves, to grow and to become independent, active members of society. 


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