Ohel Sarah's Respite Program

Ohel Sarah’s Housing Division contains 42 groups homes in the community for adults, children and married couples. In 2021 it opened innovative Respite Program, where parents of children with special needs from all over the country will be able to leave their child in the supportive and professional care of a trained staff for as long as they need, up to 15 days as per legal restrictions. The program is equipped to serve 30 children or adults each month.

Many parents of children with special needs in all ages struggle to care for their child alongside the rest of the family, especially during hectic periods such as the Holidays, summer vacation, cases of illness or just for a well-deserved break, but have nowhere to leave their special child. After having received countless requests from such parents, Ohel Sarah undertook opening a Respite Program for children and adults with disabilities, who can be placed in one of the existing apartments, according to their age and level of functioning. Here, they enjoy a daily routine of social activities, therapies, meals and afternoon clubs. We provide them with a professional staff of counselors and therapists and meet all their physical and emotional needs on the highest possible level.

Ohel Sarah needs 50,000 NIS annually in order to operate the Respite Program, available all year round. This amount will cover the following extra expenses:

  • Games and activities
  • Garden equipment
    Bath and laundry equipment
  • Kitchen appliances
    Computers and accessories

Supporting this project will provide parents of children with special needs with a much-deserved break and their children with the best care possible. Dedication opportunities available upon request.


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