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Ohel Sarah is a non-profit organization in Israel dedicated to caring for and advancing children and adults with special needs from age six until the end of their lives. Our goal is to give every person with special needs the tools they need to become as independent as possible and to live happy, meaningful, connected lives. We operate 5 schools for girls and boys, 5 employment and day centers for young adults, and 40 group homes for children, adults, and married couples. All 800 children and adults we care for daily feel loved, cared for, and validated by their Ohel Sarah family. 


With the guys
on Thursday night

Join the
playground fun!

don’t let the teacher see

Art is
my world

These cookies
are amazing

Shira’s surprise
birthday party

For those who want to
know what Snoezelen is

It’s late!
Where is everybody?

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