Outstanding Employer Prize

An annual Prize Award and Standards Association Stamp for employers who employ individuals with special needs in their business or organization

In order to encourage the inclusion of individuals with special needs in the workforce, Ohel Sarah has initiated an annual prize and standards association stamp for employers who employ people with disabilities in their business or organization.

This is an extended act for our efforts to champion for the rights of people with disabilities to enjoy equal employment opportunities, and the many benefits of employing individuals with special needs.

We believe that acknowledging employers who give a chance to people with disabilities is the right way of encouraging their integration into society.


With the guys
on Thursday night

Join the
playground fun!

don’t let the teacher see

Art is
my world

These cookies
are amazing

Shira’s surprise
birthday party

For those who want to
know what Snoezelen is

It’s late!
Where is everybody?

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