Supermarket Simulation Room

Beit Chanoch is Ohel Sarah’s school for boys ages 6-14 with mild to moderate cognitive disabilities. The school serves 80 students and has 75 staff members, including teachers, therapists, medical personnel, a psychologist and a psychiatrist. 

Life skills is one of the most important subjects taught in the school, as it constitutes the key to independent living. The Supermarket Simulation Room will provide the students with abilities that are crucial for their future. A room in the school will be transformed into a mini supermarket, complete with isles of food, shopping carts and cash registers. The younger students will learn basic math putting various foods in the cart, as well as learn how to handle money. The older students will learn how to plan a shopping trip beginning with reading a recipe, preparing a list of ingredients, planning transportation and executing the trip. 

The cost of this project stands at £17,442 and includes carpentry work from a company that specializes in simulation equipment. Investing in this project will provide the students with the skills necessary to increase their future independence and quality of life. Dedication opportunities available upon request. 

Project Timeline:

January – 

Preparing list of necessary equipment

Preparing sketches for carpenter 

February – 

Beginning of carpentry work

Graphics sketches 

March – 

Printing graphics

Wall painting 


Installing carpentry work 

Magnet boards 

April – 

Finishing touches and final installations

Fundraising timeline:  

February – 

40% down payment for carpentry   

40% down payment for graphics 

March – 

40% down payment for printing 

Outstanding payments 


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