The Multi-Sensory Immersive Learning Room at the Wohl Center

One of the active challenges faced by educational institutions for students with intellectual disabilities is imparting knowledge to students whose learning is disadvantaged from the start, and which is based first and foremost on sensory skills. Studies prove that a combination of at least two senses improves learning and memory processes, and this is something we want to achieve in the multi-sensory learning room.

The room will operate in the newly built wing of our school. We have received a 60,000 NIS government grant, and are in need of another 60,000 NIS for the completion of the room equipping. Once opened, Ohel Sarah will be the first one in Israel to provide this service.

The room will feature audio, visual and sensory equipment which will provide the students with an immersive learning experience that is not accessible during a regular classroom lesson. For example, crossing the street, walking in the rain or visiting the beach – using touch, smelling, tasting and hearing in an immersive experience. This will be crucial for broadening their general knowledge and expanding their cognitive abilities as much as possible.    


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