Therapy Kitchen at Beit Chanoch

The current room at has only basic equipment and is not fully utilized. 

The school’s vision is to open not only a therapy kitchen but a Health Center that will serve as an umbrella program for all healthy life-style projects. This includes a kitchen where the boys will learn to plan a meal in advance, follow a recipe, measure ingredients, chop vegetables, cook, fry or bake a dish and clean up after themselves, covering cognitive skills such as math, reading and communication and reflective mechanisms – analyzing mistakes and drawing conclusions. 

It will also serve as a center for biology and hygiene sessions where the boys will learn about the human body, bacteria, how illness is spread etc., and which daily activities must be conducted, such as showering, brushing teeth, washing hands to prevent it. Furthermore, it will hold sessions about general safety – what constitutes as danger and how to conduct oneself in these situations.  Another important skill that will be covered is appropriate behavior and table manners and communication skills. Additionally, there will be a program about healthy eating habits, which ingredients are preferred, building healthy menus and portion control. It will also focus on the importance of physical activities and how it affects general health. 

The vision is also to turn the kitchen into a pedagogic center, where health-related sessions will be held for children from other schools.

The estimated budget includes electrical appliances such a fridge, oven, stovetop,  – 20,000 NIS, kitchen equipment – 5,000 NIS, furniture – 40,000 NIS, technology equipment such as an interactive screen and projectors – 10,000 NIS.   


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