2015The housing division opens its first group home in Elad – “Neveh Eyal”

The couples’ division opens with its first married couple with special needs

The new “Beit Batsheva” employment center for women is opened on Tzefat street in Bnei Brak

Ohel Sarah receives ISO recognition for excellent standards for the first time.

2016The inauguration of the new building for the “Gesharim” school is celebrated 

The housing division opens another group home for women, “Beit Hodaya”.

2017The housing division opens two new group homes for women, “Shirat Hillel” and “Shirat Hadar”

The residents of Ohel Sarah’s housing division enjoy a vacation in Austria.

2018“Kedem” – an employment center for men, is opened 

The couples and the men of the housing division enjoy a vacation in France 

The “Beit Chanoch” and “Beit Shai” schools are transferred to a new building 

The housing division opens three new group homes: “Beit Lior” for young girls, “Beit Dror” for women and “Neveh Tzion” for men.

2019The residents of the housing division enjoy a vacation in Georgia 

“Gesharim” is the proud winner of the Education Award

The residents of the “Shirat Hadar” group home receive the Magen Prize of the Welfare Ministry for their volunteer work in road safety 

Ohel Sarah holds a unique Safeguarding conference for the religious public.

2020“Kmo Kulam” – a Purim singing event for the public, led by Ohel Sarah’s students, staff and volunteers, in cooperation with the local Welfare Department, is held

The inauguration of the “Tiferet Shmuel” Yeshiva synagogue, and a Hachnasat Sefer Torah, are celebrated



With the guys
on Thursday night

Join the
playground fun!

don’t let the teacher see

Art is
my world

These cookies
are amazing

Shira’s surprise
birthday party

For those who want to
know what Snoezelen is

It’s late!
Where is everybody?

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